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A modern paper company simplifying wedding stationery.

We're simplifying the process.

Order the pieces you need from one of our editions and we work with you to design the pieces exactly to your taste. Our process has three stages: order, design, and production.

Order and Content
5 business days
Step 1 - Place your order
Step 2 - Receive your design schedule and content forms
Step 3 - Fill and submit content forms

We will reach out within 24hrs from your order with your design schedule and content forms. Having your content (your wording, addresses, etc.) prepared prior to ordering will help things move smoothly and quickly.

Design and Revisions
15 business days
Step 1 - Design overview
Step 2 - Design proofs presented
Step 3 - Rounds of revisions - 2 sets

The design overview consists of a call to discuss personal style and preferences for your suite layout. Allow for 5 days for initial designs to be presented. We request that revisions and feedback are ready within 3 business days to stay on schedule.

Production and Print
18 business days
Step 1 - Final approval
Step 2 - Production and printing
Step 3 - Shipment
Timing Your Orders
We know that certain things come before others - your save the dates before your seating charts. We welcome you to order your items in stages or all at once.
In Stages

You can place seperate orders for your pieces as you have confirmed the content, details, and wording for each one. Each order that is placed will have it's own design and shipping schedule.
All at Once

If you want to order all your pieces at once (your save the dates with your seating charts), we can arrange separate shipping schedules for each piece. Just select "multiple shipments" during checkout and we will work with you to create a shipping schedule. Additional shipping will be invoiced before each shipment.
General Timeline
Personalized PIECES / 6-8 weeks
Save the dates, Invitations, Menus, etc.

Table Numbers, Thank You cards, etc.


Design Customization

We see every order as unique with individual elements to it. We begin every piece with a design overview call to discuss your specific taste and style (modern, classic, bold) with the art direction of your chosen edition. After your design overview call it generally takes 5 business days for initial designs to be presented for all your pieces. We ask that you have your revisions and changes ready within 3 business days to stay on schedule. There will be two sets of revisions during the design phase to make sure all your content is exactly as you wish. As we want to ensure the quality of the each piece, we don’t offer proofs before ordering.  


Although we showcase an in-depth look of our items, we realize that nothing can replace the touch and feel of having it in your hands. We offer a sample packs of our editions with a range of the options we offer.

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